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General Ledger / Budgeting / Payroll / Bank

Master data maintenance Chart of Accounts, Postings and reconciliation, Budgeting Balance sheet and Income statement, VAT codification (matrix product vs. customer/supplier), generation of VAT-statements, foreign exchange revaluations, month and year end closings, local and group reporting, multidimensional contribution accounting, payroll postings, carry-over of balance sheet and income statement during migrations, mappings for transitions from Cost-of-goods-sold-method to Total-cost accounting, Bank postings and reconciliations, contact person for business questions also on the part of Audits (internal and external)

Accounts receivable

Master data maintenance, placing sales orders and invoicing, payments, reminders, interest billing, foreign exchange revaluations, processing of direct delivery processes, calculation and posting of agent commissions, handling letters of credit / bank guarantees

Accounts payable

Master data maintenance, placing purchase orders and invoicing, expense invoices (check and account assignment), payments, foreign exchange revaluations, handling of purchase freight charges, analysis of margin influences

Fixed Assets

Master data maintenance, acquisitions, depreciations, corrections according to local and group-wide guidelines, implementation of asset reporting (depreciation schedule)

Cost Accounting / Production / Stock

Implementation Cost Accounting incl. distributions and allocations, implementation of contribution accounting schedule, analysis of cost unit rates for resources and machines, implementation of a classic cost account schedule, implementation of a cost-centre accounting, implementation of a cost-unit accounting, variance analysis, create production orders / report back / finish / recalculate, Product calculations, stock taking, posting of stock adjustments based on different methods (Standard / FIFO)

Project calculation

Implementation of a project calculation schedule, posting of time log sheets (for the internal cost allocation)


Financial Consolidation
Reporting internal / external
Preparation of the annual business report
Presentations for the management and the board
Cash-flow-reporting incl. -planning
Cash Pooling
Capital expenditure budgeting and controlling
Corporate financing
Tax reporting (VAT, corporate taxes)
Tax optimization
Transfer Pricing
Intercompany Licence- and Service fee billing
Balanced Scorecard