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Konstantin Vlachodimos is an ERP expert with more than 25 years of experience working on various ERP solutions for different industries. He has been working with Microsoft Dynamics AX for more than 20 years.

With his expert knowledge, Konstantin handles many different aspects of ERP system implementations. He has led and accompanied more than 50 international projects on all continents, and in the range of 5 up to 500 users. His profound understanding of global industry specifics as well as general and local financial requirements enables him to customize systems to customer needs.

Due to his university master degree in Finance & Accounting and a subject in Cost accounting and Controlling, and his accompanying on-the-job experience in commercial information technology, he is an excellent interface between customers, finance departments, and developers. His knowledge in Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Management Information Systems (MIS), and Business Intelligence (BI) in conjunction with his knowledge of industry, banking, and insurance, brings his skills to a round figure and helps him to quickly understand and integrate other systems (migration).

In previous positions, Konstantin was a classic line executive as head of accounting at Shell (Switzerland) and credit controller at Credit Suisse. After that, he worked in ERP departments on supplier as well as on customer side and implemented solutions based on ERP systems such as JD Edwards, Abacus, and Microsoft Dynamics AX.


25 years of ERP experience
21 years of experience with Dynamics AX
6 years of BI experience in each TARGIT and iQ4bis
5 years of SQL Database experience

Focus & Skills

Financial accounting
Cost accounting
Trade & Logistics
Supply Chain Management